Interest in Real Estate Growing Among Affluent Consumers

Luxury Portfolio’s newly released white paper Luxury Real Estate: What Matters To Today’s Global Elite reports “the population of affluent consumers continues to grow, as does their interest and emotional relationship with real estate.”

Interest in purchasing luxury real estate remains high for both financial and emotional reasons.  In most cultures, purchasing a home is a barometer of success.  Individuals consider investing in real estate to be a smart financial investment and an important path to creating wealth.   The study reveals affluent buyers seek 1) security and privacy, 2) the ability to grow as a person, 3) having personalized/customized space and 4) a place that facilitates happy memories with family and friends.   

Janet McAfee is the exclusive St. Louis member of Luxury Portfolio International.  For a copy of the whitepaper, Luxury Real Estate: What Matters Most to Today’s Global Elite, please contact jhorlacher@ 


-Janet Horlacher